Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey girls ;) Here are some photos of my new blouse ;) I really like the gold touch and you know what ? :) I fell in love with  the colour ! :D I just totally love it ! I'm looking for more pieces in this colour for the winter ;) It's a warm colour that gives a little touch of christmas ;) And here are also some photos of my new short ;) I think it suits perfect to a classical combination ;) white top , my new short and a black blazer = perfect outfit for outgoing ;) xoxo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello ladies ;) Have I ever mentioned how much I love Florence and the machine ? ;) Well the answer is no but now I'm goint to do it !! :) I absolutly adore Florence Welch :D And her style is really to admire , she's like from an other planet  ;) And yesterday they came to Luxembourg :D I was so happy about it you can't believe it ! ;) And the show was awesome ! ;) Her voice is 1000 times better live than the songs on the cd ;) I was really amazed by the uncredible woman :) And here is also my yesterday's outfit :)

my favourite song <3

Monday, November 26, 2012

outfit-white shirt

Bonjour :) So I've got finally a less stress than the past week ;) I said already a few times that I like simple and classical outfits, so here is an other one ;) Here the special thing is my new necklace :D I bought it at Primark ;) (I'll post later my new lovely stuffs that I bought at Primark on saturday ;) ) In classical wardrobe a white shirt is a must ! I've got several white shirts that's so typical me because I think a white shirt suits to every outfit ! ;) I also really like my new school bag  which I also bought on saturday  ;D

Sunday, November 18, 2012

outfit-point by point

                                   Hello ladies ;) So this is my today's outfit :) I put on my favourtie jumper :) I really like it because it gives a little lightening touch in my outfits.I combinated it with my pants I think they are really sweet with this thousand  points. I choose simple colors for my outfit because my jumper is already a highlight ;) As always I choose simple and classical accessories :) When I was taking the pictures I had a little guest ;) I would like to introduce you my cat Gustav :) I don't know what can I more say ;) I can just say that I really like classical outfits ;) So you will probably  see more often simple and classical outfits ;) 
Kisses from Luxembourg :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

outfit- simple

So here's my today's outfit ;) It's typical me ;) A blazer and some gold accessories ;) I really love gold accessories.Thanks to them the outfit looks more glamorous and it looks just better :) You'll probably see more often such simple outfit because I really like the classical combination :) xoxo

Saturday, November 10, 2012

outfit - strip shirt

Hello :) I hope you're doing fine ;) So this is my today's outfit.It's a simple combination but I really like the gold accessories ;) And I know that I repeat me but you have no idea how much I love my watch :) In my mind it fits to every outfit and it's just the perfect end touch :) And my strip shirt I could wear it almost every day so you'll see it probally frequently in my outfit combinations ;) I wish you also a nice weekend ! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

weekend's outfit


Thanks God it's friday !! After a long week it's finally weekend and I'm so happy about it ! :)
I put an outfit together , it's simple , very classical and I think very glamorous ! Honestly said I just love it ! I love blazers so every outfit that contains a blazer is for me amazing ! ;)  I really like the blue high heels they give a fresh touch to the whole outfit. Thanks to the shoes the outfit isn't boring.The gold accesories make the outfit more glamorous :) So I think I'm ready for the weekend :)
Wish you a nice weekend :) xoxo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

outfit- cozy and warm

Hey :) So this is my today's outfit ;) It's very warm and cozy :D I really love my fur weskit it's very warm and this is exactly what I need for the winter ;) It's a very good investement :D And it fits to many outfits :))  For once the sun was shining today that brought me in very good mood so  I made use this occasion and I put my sunglasses to get a little summer feeling  ;) As you can see I've been really enjoying the good weather so I took some more pictures than usually ;)) Hope you don't mind ;)