Monday, November 26, 2012

outfit-white shirt

Bonjour :) So I've got finally a less stress than the past week ;) I said already a few times that I like simple and classical outfits, so here is an other one ;) Here the special thing is my new necklace :D I bought it at Primark ;) (I'll post later my new lovely stuffs that I bought at Primark on saturday ;) ) In classical wardrobe a white shirt is a must ! I've got several white shirts that's so typical me because I think a white shirt suits to every outfit ! ;) I also really like my new school bag  which I also bought on saturday  ;D


  1. Ale jesteś piękna ! Wspaniale wygladasz :)

  2. Post your new stuff from primark!!!:)

  3. where you bought your bag?

  4. I love this look cause it can be classic for both female and male. A crisp white shirt and black jeans are a staple for everyone!

    Eric Jess